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Why choose gnatch

Gnatch provides you with a freedom of expression that specifically cater to the needs of your business. Our staff trained as per the legacy of the GCE stand out from others in the sense that our customer experience strives to become better and better with every stage . We hope to build a strong relationship with our customers which can further improve our influence. We hope to build a legacy for ourselves and sincerely hope that you can join us in this journey.

Gnatch Communications is the platform for your outsourcing needs catering to a versatile demand in an ever-growing market. Our primary services include call center services, that include inbound and outbound calls, technical support calls and much more. In 2017, Gnatch Inc. came into the call center industry with the primary goal of becoming a leading service provider that would cater to customer specific needs. In order to achieve it’s ambitions, the staff at Gnatch would have to utilize a primary goal to the very best of their abilities; customer satisfaction. Gnatch targeted to remove all the stigmas associated with a call center industry and build its reputation as a company that would do its very best to put the customers’ need above all else.

We understand that many customers often call with a degree of frustration over problems and hence we make sure that our callers are dealt with in a pacifying manner. We understand that not all problems have a direct solution but by dealing with customers with an empathising nature, we can give a higher significance and subsequently tackle the problem with a progressive mindset. We believe in the polite and empathetic approach of dealing with customers regardless of the situation and train our staff members to approach their daily tasks with this mindset that can most effectively get the job done.

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What my clients say?

My experiences with Gnatch can only be described in one word: helpful. It is like the materialisation of walking into a seven star hotel and being treated to the most polite of people that genuinely care for the issues that you may have. Their respectful manner defines their commitment to solving the problem.
MUN International
Gnatch partially took over my sales business telemarketing responsibilities in 2018 when I was in a diffficult position in terms of finance. However, their lead generation skills susbtantially improved my revenues and by one year, I had managed to completely remove myself from bankruptcy.
Associazione Diplomatici
Gnatch has the most professional people that are experienced in handling various insurance policy tasks. They understand the needs of an insurance agency and they use their extensive knowledge to deal with cases that never lead to any erroneous insurance claim. At the same time, they make sure they can excellently convey their messages to the relevant customers that may be in frustrated states of minds.
Civil Engineering Services.