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Order taking services

At Gnatch, our GCE program lets us stand out from our competitors by creating a unique experience for each of our clients. Because we know that in today’s competitive marketplace, the ability to provide extraordinary customer care can be the make-or-break difference when it comes to a successful customer acquisition and retention strategy. This is an important factor in order taking wherein customers problems can often become complex; we wish to resolve the complexities with a professional attitude that puts the customers as the top priority. Furthermore, our tracking software for orders lets us view the pathway of the orders on the map and we can consistently update our customers on its status.

‘Inbound Call’ with live Customer Service Agents. Where Customers are more comfortable with a phone-based conversation. Having one-one-one conversations to provide your customers with business or product critical information and service. You can receive instant help from a Super-Agent on our platform.

‘Email and Chat’ with live Customer Service Agents, Customers that are more comfortable with a text-based communication. You can receive instance replies on our chats or emails with a maximum reply time if 15 minutes.

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